#Mayday // Speeding Through Life

“You know when you get that feeling of being caged in and you just want to scream? Like everything around you and in your mind screams: MAYDAY … MAYDAY … MAYDAY.  

This is for you and me. The people in the middle of a meltdown, getting ready to choke down some ice cream and Coca-Cola, to try and get ahold of some sanity into our lives.

I have something to tell both you and me.

There has been a response from the Most High regarding, our mayday distress call. And He says, “I’ve got it.” ~M.O.

We all have a time that we reach where we are pushed so much past our limits. Everything feels likes its falling apart and no matter how hard you try you can’t put it back together. Everyone seems to have their lives together and they are standing where you want to be at. While you’re over here in your harvest season, barely feeling God or hearing His sweet whisper. It feels like you’re barely hanging on as you watch everyone around the room sing that amazing worship song and being touched by Jesus, feeling God’s Presence. While you…you feel nothing.

While all of this is happening and Satan is throwing punches at you, you feel the biggest and loudest siren screaming inside your heart and head “MAYDAY. MAYDAY. MAYDAY.” You literally feel like you are drowning and your dreams are sitting on the island that you used to live, sing and dance upon with God in your heart and blessing you.

But now? Now it feels like the blessings have left. Just like the hope and future God promised you.

And I have just walked through that season. So if anyone of you who are reading this are dealing with this as well, you are not alone. At some point we all reach the mayday moment. But I have some good news, news that I have heard spoken every Wednesday night by Nick Fields and Joseph (Joe) Johnson at Pursuit Young Adult Ministry (If you’re in the Richmond area around 6:45 you should really check it out! You wont regret it I promise). Anyways… so here is some encouraging things I have heard and learned at Pursuit.

  • God is never going to leave you and He is not a God who tests you. He will see you through this if you will just hang onto and listen for His Whisper in the wild ruckus of this world.
  • Spending 20-30 minutes with God will change how your day goes.
  • God is not a God who is a dictator looking down watching to see if we color inside the lines and walk in a straight line. No, God is a loving God, a loving Father. Who wants to spend time with you and He wants you to go to Him, seeing Him as a Father. A Father longs to talk to you and listen to you vent and talk to Him. Whether you have had a good day or a bad day.
  • Once you are saved, you are drafted into this ALL-STAR HOLY SPIRIT FILLED team, that is called to share the Gospel and spread the love of Jesus all over THE PLANET. Your life is your ministry. How you live speaks louder than your words ever will. So take every step with Jesus by your side and let Him shine through you.
  • Worship can come in many different ways and forms. The only rule about worship is: Do it both in Spirit and in truth. Cast every thought of life and stuff that is clogging up your heart and throw it away, and have your mind, heart and soul solely fixed upon one thing: God.
  • To “Press In” means to keep on singing and moving closer to God. Keep going deeper into His Presence even while everything is trying to make you stop, pull you away from Him and stealing your attention.
  • Cleaning your heart and mind is something you must do daily.
  • It’s okay to be messy and not have it all together or have all the answers. God will still use you.
  • Satan will punch you and hit hard and manipulate things to test your faith, to try and make you give up on God. Awaken your pride. But, how hard the blow and how far it knocks you down, is up to how much faith you have.
  • In the Christian life it shouldn’t be “I can’t” it should be “I don’t want to” when it comes to sinful nature. We should strive to do things that please God.
  • Instead of idolizing how people do things and spend time with God, why don’t we start spending time with God and letting Him guide us on what He wants us to do for Him.
  • And lastly, SLOW DOWN. This past Wednesday Joe shared something interesting (which I’m not going to quote him perfectly word for word but here it goes) “If I keep my eyes on my destination I’ll learn one thing God wants to teach me. But if I keep my eyes open on the journey,  God will teach me eight things.”


That is something that made me pause when I first heard it Wednesday. Because the night before my boyfriend told me that he felt like God wanted him, to tell me to “slow down.” I was confused, he was confused, we didn’t understand why God wanted him to tell me that. But that’s what God wanted me to know and do.

{It is so hard to slow down when things aren’t going as planned. When it’s all messy and no plan that you can possibly form in your mind, can fix it. You just want to speed through the days and life, until your thought up “relief day” comes. Then you’ll slow down. But once that day comes and you’re like “Okay, time to slow down.” It’s too late. It’s already gone. // And so you go on with life in your fast pace shoes, still going at a speed no human should go, just going through the motions. No time to spare and little time to care about anything else except getting this day, week, month, year, semester, over with. No time to breathe. No time for friends. No time to talk. No time to read. No time for God. No time for anything. Except the words: DON’T STOP MOVING. // That is me anytime it gets hard in my life or don’t like something. I will look at the glass half empty and suddenly, everything goes by quicker. I don’t stop until I get to where I want to be. And if you are going to the same place I am, in a slower speed? Then get out of my way and BUH-BYE. // I am that girl in the grocery stores running as fast as she can go, so she can get out of there the quickest and not have to deal with talking to anyone. Especially when I am lazy that day and just in my sweats. So you can imagine when God deals me to “slow down” it does not set well with me. AT ALL.  Did I ever tell you I HATE waiting?}

So both Jim an I were confused late Tuesday night after he had told me that. And I spend most of Wednesday confused by it. But then Wednesday night came, and everything that I seemed to have been going through, line up…

Like I said up above I paused and tuned my ears into what Joe was saying once he said to very important words that had been confusing me all day: SLOW DOWN.

He goes on to say that we don’t just live to wake up, go to work,  pay taxes, eat, sleep and repeat up until the day we die. This life is not about just going the motions until we go to Heaven. We are supposed to be aware of the journey we’re on. Letting God teach us things and take us on paths we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves.

This life is about getting to know God more. Watching Him surprise us because He is in the business of doing, exceedingly and abundantly beyond our wildest dreams. The journey is the part that matters most to God. Because the journey is when He reveals Himself to us; He doesn’t hide Himself to tease us.

See, I got so caught up in wanting to worship like this person. Praying like this person. Spending time with God like this person. I got so caught up in how everyone else’s life was turning out and how they seemed to have it all together. That I idolized and got jealous of their blessing, instead of thanking God that He was moving in their lives and concentrating on Him and Him alone, until everything else seemed to just fade away.

I’m still working on slowing down and not idolizing how God comes to people. But what I do know now, for sure, is that the journey, is the most beautiful part of life and I want to slow down and enjoy it. I don’t want to miss a single moment of it.

xo. || ~Blessed Brunette


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