Happy Easter

There is no way to change Your Mind, You have saved me. Nothing else will do but my heart and that amazes me. I am Your Bride and all because You love me, I’m not worthless anymore. Your love has covered me I am worthy, I am priceless, I am Yours! You won my heart.

What others tossed away and it wasn’t good enough. You looked upon and came running to save me, saying “That’s the one! I want that one and all of them. I want what has always been mine.” Were Your Bride and we fall more in love with You!! Because we have seen the light. So don’t believe lies anymore.

Oh this is the day the romance between Christ and The Church got deeper. It’s always been deep, but today, 2,000 years ago, You woke up and awakened a love we’ve never seen. You unveiled it. You made us all gasp when we felt it in our hearts. You were and are, forever for us. You love us! We’re Your prize! We believe in love without a shadow of a doubt. 

So today we will remember what You did for all of us. Oh how You have made it clear we can’t change Your mind, You love us. The cross was what the world thought would end our love story, but it was just the thing that made Your love shine brighter for me.

You overcame everything we could not. You went everywhere that we could possibly go and You conquered it. You’re on our side. You’re for us. Never against us. Though You give and take away, You’ll never leave us empty handed.

You will be celebrated today. The Bridegroom will be praised today for now the romance is more intimate. You come down to us. You take it so much deeper than we thought it would go. You still surprise us and take our breaths away. Oh how You bless us. Today let us stand together and shout “It is finished.”

The separation, is finished. The running, is finished. Because Your love is at every exit, ready to catch us and hold us again. The feeling of being worthless, is finished. Because Your love has made us Priceless. No more excuses, we are forever Yours! All because of the price You paid to have is with You in Heaven one day!

You love us. We believe in love without of a shadow of a doubt. It is finished.


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