Dear Ladies On The Day Before Valentine’s Day



I don’t know who broke your heart. I don’t know which boy you had in your head that you thought would be the one but I ended up not working out. I don’t know who told you, you were beautiful and ended up lying you about everything else, so anytime anyone ever tells you that you are it just feels cheap and like a lie. And I don’t know who you loved with all your heart and everything that you were, then they ended up leaving you with your heart broken into a million pieces. But what I do know is this… You are priceless, oh so priceless.

Guys (and humans in general) can be so stupid when it comes to our feelings. Our hearts are fragile, one moment we can be souring in the air because our hearts are so happy they get wings and start flying, and then one thing someone says can make it fall onto the ground and hurt for days. And it can be so tricky and so confusing to even you!

One day you can take people joking around and teasing you one day then the next, it makes you want to curl in up in a all and cry all day long. Then, there are days when people (and boys) are just mean to you and are trying to break your heart and you just want to die or disappear. You would give anything to rewind and go back before the day of heart break happened. The weight of the heartbreak is more than you can take. The lies they said and the lies Satan is feeding you sound more real and like the truth, than The Voice of Truth telling you and reminding who you really are and all God has made you to be.

All the sudden your heart is beating out of your chest. You look around as the thoughts start to cloud your mind and make you start questioning everything you ever heard people tell you. And you start to wonder, “Did they mean that, or were they just lying to make me feel better?”

Now the words “Priceless” and “Princess” seem like titles you’ll never have. It was all a lie. A mirage, a façade: none existent and never real. The days of feeling pretty have now passed. The days of a beautiful future with him are now gone. You now want to be the next girl he dates. You spend your days dreading the next. And all you want is to have your life back to the way it was.

Can anyone help you? Can anyone save you? Because this pain is so heavy and it’s about to be the end of you.

A quote I recently found said this:

“A woman can always tell if a man loves her by how much time he is willing to invest. Money spent is meaningless, but time spent is priceless.”

I have beautiful news for you ladies, there is a Man who has invested so much time & love in you beyond what you can imagine. He breathed you into existence, fashioning you to be beautiful because everything He touches turns into beautiful things. It is priceless once He touches it, hope springs from it and love floods it.

Ladies you will be made whole because of how a man loves you. You will never feel fully priceless by what a man says to you. Things a human man says will fade, if there is not a foundation that is beneath it, that is rock solid and can never be extinguished or fade away. The Word’s that can make you feel beautiful and priceless forever, are found in the Bible. They are the  sweet Word’s Jesus sings over us.

He loves US LADIES! More than we’ll ever be able to understand. He died for us and still today spends so much time working with us and pursuing us, bringing us out of hiding place and into His Garden, His presence.

Darling Daughters of The King, you are priceless because you are washed in His blood. You were born beautiful because He made you to be that way. Your sins are forgiving because paid the price of sin, for you and me, so we can be free. There is beauty that will come from your heart break. There is a miracle that will come out of your doubts. And there will be a season filled with so much laughter and beauty that will take your breath away one day. I know so, because He says so.

Beautiful women & girls, your Prince Charming will come along one day. God will redeem broken relationships and give you the gift of forgiveness so you can forgive people when it is time. But until then, remember that Jesus is the only one who you truly can’t live without and life is beautiful and whole when He is in it.


XO. || Blessed Brunette


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