19 Things I’m Thankful For

So since this has been a special year for me (like every year), I thought I would write a post about 19 things I’m thankful for!

  1. God & Jesus. Without God there wouldn’t be anything k without Jesus, there wouldn’t even been a reason for the 25th of this month to even exist! Christmas became a thing when He entered this world. He came to save us all from sin & to breathe life into us. For that reason & His amazing love, both God & Him are my number one thing to be thankful for.
  2. My family. We are crazy, hilarious, prideful, sensitive, insecure, confident, scared, brave, amazing and beautiful. We love each other and would do anything for the other. They are my favorites.
  3. My BOYFRIEND!!! He is Godly, loving, kind, special, spectacular, caring, sweet, generous, handsome, mine & the lost goes on & on. He is so much more amazing than I ever thought he would be. He was worth the wait & the fact that he loves me so much & leads me in our relationship, is why I am so thankful for HIM!!!! He loves Jesus which makes him even more awesome!;) He’s my favorite πŸ™Š
  4. My apartment. I am thankful that I have a place to live with water & electricity (& wifi). So many people out there don’t have a warm place to live during the holidays. And I consider myself blessed because I do have a place to live & food on my table.
  5. My Bible Journal. I love my Bible Journal!! It’s my favorite gift my boyfriend has ever gotten me.
  6. Getting to speak to 5th graders. My boyfriends uncle does this bike giveaway every year just before Christmas. And both Jim & me have been asked to speak at it. So I’m super thankful & excited about it!!
  7. To live in America. I am so thankful for my freedom & to be able to exercise my right of free speech.
  8. Soldriers overseas fighting for my freedom.
  10. Steven Furtick’s sermons that are posted on YouTube. A-MA-ZA-INGGG!!!
  11. for King & country’s music. They are my ALL TIME FAVORITE CHRISTIAN BAND!!! My goodnessπŸ™ŒπŸΌ their new Christmas song Glorious will bless your ears.
  12. My boots! I love to wear boots in the winter time. They are my FAVS TOO.
  13. My mom. She taught me about Jesus & reminded me that beauty comes mostly from the inside & not on the outside. Plus, when I get all judgy she brings me back down to earth, and she’s loved me & been there since day one. I hope to one day be a good mom like she is. She’s also quite pretty if you ask me.
  14. My aunt. Because HELLO SHE IS RAD & HILARIOUS. Every since I was little I wanted to be just like her. To me, she is brave, confident and gives good advice. And quite frankly she has a killer sense of style &… HER BOOTS 😍
  15. My mamaw. From teaching me how to courtesy, to letting me put on lipstick when no one was around, and teaching me how to drive (PLUS HER AMAZING COOKING), I am blessed with the best MAMAW EVER!!!
  16. My brother. He is such a smart teenager. You need to know anything, he’ll either know the answer or search it up for you. Also, he is pretty fun to pick on, tease and argue with.
  17. The fact that I graduated HIGH SCHOOL back in MAY!!!!! YAY!!
  18. My vacation to Florida last October. That was pretty fun & cool & BEAUTIFUL. Even if I didn’t tan evenly (a.k.a. came back with tan lines and tan spotted arms).
  19. Every day that I live & howerver many days I have left to live in the future. I want to love & show love to everyone I meet. To love, is one of the greatest things I can do.

Note: there was no specific order in my list. I just wrote stuff down that I was thankful for, as it came to me.

Merry Christmas!πŸŽ„β„οΈ


Blessed Brunette


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