Be The Change

The world seems so dark and cold these days. It has so many wondering where the love is, where the compassion is, where the forgiveness is, where the helping out your neighbor is. We’re all wondering where did all of the kindness go. It’s like it just disappeared and some of us are feeling like we can’t get it back, if we tried to be the difference or try to make a change, it would flop & we would fail.

But wait a second don’t give up just yet. Because guess what? We all can be the change.

If you know me, you know I love Britt Nicole’s music!!😍 Her new album released a few weeks ago an I have been replaying it non stop!! And there is a song on the album called Be The Change and it has got me thinking, along with Christian leaders and speakers who are saying how we can be the change. Because there is more ways to help out and be apart of a big change in this world, than giving money.

Giving money to help people, donating it to an organization or charity is so very helpful. Donations to charities, food banks, and originations is how they keep running & everyone is grateful for those donations. But giving money is not the only way to help make a change. In fact whether you’re are young or old you can make a change right where you are!

You may think or tell me you can’t make a change right where you are, but I am here to tell you otherwise. Yes, you can indeed make a change!

Okay so let’s think of a few ways you can spread love (which is by the biggest WAY & the heart of making a difference being the change). 

  1. Go sit with the girl/boy who sits alone at lunch.
  2. Talk to that outsider at your school or work place.
  3. Compliment and encourage others.
  4. Be nice.
  5. Smile more.
  6. Offer to help out around the house, at your school, where you work.
  7. Volunteer
  8. Be a friend.
  9. Be compassionate.
  10. Love others.
  11. Offer to talk to that person who needs someone to listen & talk to them.
  12. Pray for others.
  13. Tell them about Jesus.

And the list can go on & on. You’re not too young or too old to help spread love on this earth. That’s our mission, what we are called to do: spread love.

It’s time consuming to be part of a change, but it’s so worth it! So starting today, I challenge myself and everyone else out there to be compassionate & spread love.

Remember: “And baby, no, it’s not too late. It begins with you and I. Together we can be the change.” -Be The Change by Britt Nicole


Blessed Brunette


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