Insecurities, we all have them. We’re all insecure about something, whether it’s the way we look, our dress size, our personality, the number on the scale, and a billion other things about ourselves that makes us want to hide. We are a prisoner to one word, that comes in many cruel forms: insecurity.

But why are we? It was never supposed to be this way. We were never supposed to look at our bodies and be ashamed. We never supposed to compare ourselves to others and think they are better than us. We were never supposed to hide away who we really are and then let it shine in the quiet of the night for the sake of not being made fun. And we were never supposed to compare sins and put them into categories to figure out which one is worse and which one is forgiven more. That was never the plan. That was never Gods plan for our lives.

We were born to live and love boldly. Stand unashamed of who we are and shine for the whole world to see.

When God created you He called you good. He also called you fearfully and wonderfully made. You are beautiful or handsome. You can’t get out of it, work your way around it, that’s what/who you are. God calls you that. You are a Child of God. The words He speaks over you are true and His Words never come back void. You have no choice in this matter, you are beautiful. God stepped back after He made you and looked at you and called you good. Every piece of you He is proud of. Every imperfection He is in love with. He is crazy about and sees so much beauty in you. You cannot disappoint  Him (seriously look it up in the Bible & here is a link to a video explaining it: He loves you more than you will ever be able to comprehend. And you know what He wants? He wants you to come to Him so He break your chains and you can be free.

Have you ever heard the song Run Wild by for King and Country? The song talks about that we were made to run wild. But not the kind the world talks about. This kind of running wild involves you being free of all the worlds rules and what it calls you. And being free, living accordingly to what God says. That’s true freedom. There is no shame or condemnation where God is. There is only freedom that we were born to walk in every hour of every day.

You gave me my freedom

Now I’m free indeed

I’m marching out of the doubt into trust

Out of the me into us

No turning back, no turning back

No turning back

I’m falling head over heels into love

Leaving regret in the dust

No turning back, no turning back

No turning

No turning back, no

—No Turning Back by for King and country

Those lyrics proclaim the life we are meant to live. I love them!! We were made to step into the life that God wants us to live. And He just doesn’t want us to walk in it, but bodily march all the days of our lives on that path. He wants us to toss all our insecurities at His feet and dance in His presence knowing who we are in Him. And if we fall, He’ll catch us.

Today I pray that we all learn how to follow Him on this path and we don’t just walk, we boldly march. Because YOU are a Child of God. YOU are HIS. No matter what you hear, you call yourself, or what other people call you, that title that you carry is the best thing we could be called.


Blessed Brunette 


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