Everyone wants to be loved so deeply with a passion that takes their breath away. They want to be loved in a way where there is no reason to explain it and no way you can ever lose it. Where they are loved just for being them and it never dies. People will spend days, months, years, their whole lives searching for it.

Some will realize that what they are searching for isn’t found here on this earth. While others won’t realize this and get hurt by substituting it with things of this earth and end up being hurt and never being loved the way their hearts so deeply desire. So where does this passionate love come from? And how/where do we find it?

That ever so passionate love that takes your breath away. The love you have spent so long desiring, searching for. The love that doesn’t make you change, but changes you because it’s so perfect. It is found in Jesus. 

Jesus, the One who died for everyone with a soul. Jesus, the One who loved you before you knew His name. Jesus, who made the ultimate sacrifice for all sinners. Is where you find that passion.

His love never runs out, never gives up, and never leaves. It’s always there. He is always there. Loving you and chasing you since day one. When you were hurting and crying because of something someone did to you, or you just got hurt. Jesus was right there with you. Crying with you and watching you. He has never once stopped loving you. Not once. When you ran away in the opposite direction of Him, tried to hide, He was already at your hiding place waiting. He doesn’t miss a thing, He sees it all and He still loves you.

The most beautiful thing about His love, is that we never deserved it. And if we never deserved it, never had to earn it, then there is no way we can possibly lose it. We cannot lose this love it is forever sealed by the blood on the cross.

This love, His love isn’t fractured. It’s not a troubled mind. It isn’t anxious. It’s not the restless kind. His love is not broken, it’s not passive. It’s never disengaged. It’s not insecure. It’s not selfish.

However, His love is always present. It hangs onto every word we say. His love keeps its promises. It keep its word. It honors what’s sacred. Its vows are good. His love is pure. It never stops burning for you. It never stops finding you. It never lets go of you. It never stops chasing you. It never loses sight of you. It always fights for you, loves you and is here for you no matter what. Never will it or does it leave your side.

You can have Him and His unconditional, passionate, perfect love by surrendering all to Him and asking Him to live inside your heart. He wants to love you how He knows you so desperately desire to be loved. He is passion. Jesus is love. He is what you’ve been looking for. Will you believe it and let Him love you how you so desperately desire?


Blessed Brunette

Ps: check out this song! It’s one of my favorites and paints Christ’s love for us perfectly! ❤–zidYA


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