Be Yourself

Many people since the beginning of time, have wanted to fit in and be normal. They want to be accepted. They want to have a group that they can hang out with, be comfortable in, and have everything in common with. For many, this means changing who they are to get into a group (crowd) they want to get into. And I, like everyone else on this earth, have hit that point a couple of times, wanting to be normal and be just like everyone else. But the question we need to ask ourselves is this: is it worth the price you have to pay to fit in?

There is a price to pay for basically everything in this world. If you don’t do what your friends do, sometimes they’ll leave you. If you don’t agree with something your friends or family have said or done they can possibly turn their backs on you. And if you stand your ground when people try to peer-pressure you into doing something you know is wrong or don’t want to do -some if not all of them- will turn on you. The price to be different is high, and it’s a price a lot of people choose to not pay. The price to be like everyone else is high too, if not higher. Because it sometimes costs your soul. Either way you will pay a price.

You can choose to be different and be who you were meant to be, or be like everyone else and going along with what everyone else does. You can choose to make the sacrifice of losing friends, or keeping friends and losing all that makes you, you. The choice isn’t an easy one, but it is important. But in making this decision remember this: God made you the way He did for a purpose. And that purpose can only be fulfilled if you become who He calls you to be and not what the world wants you to be.

Ultimately in the end you will be hated and will receive hate by people no matter what you do. People will not like you, and you will get hurt, and be hurt by others. Still I dare you to: Dance to the beat of your own drum no matter what. Never stop being yourself. And never ever EVER try to join the clique. Just wake up everyday and be yourself.

Xoxo, ‚̧

Blessed Brunette


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